OBE: Overtaken By Events

2000-08-15: I have added the features and fixed the bugs that I wanted to add and fix, respectively, such as Automake support. (See below.) However, it seems that the maintenance of gengetopt has passed on to another person. I originally examined and rejected gengetopt for reasons explained in the design notes for genopt. The new rewrite of gengetopt fixes nearly all of those concerns. Cool! I recommend you go to their new site and start using it.

Since A) there is no point in providing two GPL'd utiities to do the exact same thing, and B) the amount of time I have available to spend on my own projects, fun as they may be, is rapidly shrinking, I have declared genopt dead. With a little tweaking, I can make gengetopt's output suitable for use in my C++ code, so that problem is well solved.

The former homepage and the previous release of code is available here for the stupidly curious. I have not posted the changes I wrote, since there wouldn't be any point.